Lead Dog Culture

mc_website_aboutus_leaddogculture2McKinney Capital is one of the few companies who places as much emphasis on employee values as on performance. Everyone employed by the company is expected to live out a set of core values both professionally and personally. We believe that a company cannot succeed without employees with honesty and integrity, despite their level of talent or experience, or even a fool-proof business plan.

What sets us apart is our people. We have the best people. Top people expect to work in a high values, high integrity, and a high achievement culture.  And that is what we have.”
Lee McKinney

Company Events & Employee Recognition

McKinney Capital recognizes that their employees work hard and strive to reward this behavior with annual activities that promote a positive work environment. McKinney Capital companies hold holiday parties allowing their employees to take time to enjoy each other’s company in addition to participating in yearly charitable activities together.

Landscape Workshop recognizes a team member at each branch on a monthly basis as the “Lead Dog Employee of the Month” for exemplifying McKinney Capital/Landscape Workshop’s standards and values. Landscape Workshop also has a tradition of handing out highly coveted lead dog mascots to the highest performing branch at quarterly meetings.