Current Opportunities

mc_website_careers_currentopportunitiesMcKinney Capital considers their people to be one of the company’s greatest resources and actively works to add talented individuals to their team and portfolio companies. If you are interested in joining our “People Machine,” see the sidebar for current available positions, or contact our Talent Acquisition team using the contact form below.

What To Expect When Working At McKinney Capital

McKinney Capital demonstrates the belief that their people are the key to success by recruiting, training and rewarding top performers throughout their organizations. Companies encourage their employees to take on new responsibilities and challenges to promote personal growth. They also provide on-going training and urge continuous education and professional development activities.

We Are Committed to Our People Machine
  • We invest in our employees’ success.
  • We hire, retain and promote the best employees.
  • We treat people with dignity, respect, and fairness.
  • We partner with each other in a way that is cooperative and goal-oriented.
  • We do not tolerate low performance.

Our goal is to be #1 in everything we do. If you are not the Lead Dog, the view never changes.”
Roddy McKinney

If you would like to contact our Talent Acquisition Team, please use the form below.