mc_website_blog_currentevents_mcwillisuaWillis Watkins spoke to two groups of students at the University of Alabama this week to raise awareness of McKinney Capital and its summer internship program. Both students in the Culverhouse Business Honors Program and student members of the Alabama Finance Association attended Willis’ presentations given at Bidgood Hall in the Culverhouse College of Commerce.

Willis’ presentations focused on the history and operations of McKinney Capital as well as its portfolio of companies. He also described the responsibilities interns take on at McKinney Capital and invited Chris Willis, a summer 2014 intern, to speak to the students about his internship and how it differed from others in which he had participated. Chris informed his peers that interns at McKinney Capital are involved in real-world tasks and learn about the company’s strategy from day one, rather than simply perform administrative work.

The Culverhouse College of Commerce and related groups regularly schedule on-campus presentations given by various employers and speakers to provide students with a broad view of careers available to them upon graduation and to sharpen their professional skills. McKinney Capital is honored to have been a chosen presenter for the university.

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